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New Musical Range

Published - 27th Jun 2023

Music plays a crucial role in the overall development of children. Here are some reasons why music is important for children's development.. Read more

Water and sand play
in the early years

Published - 20th Jan 2023

The attraction of playing with sand and water is almost universal in young children. They can spend hours splashing, pouring, creating shapes, and making sandcastles. Read more

New Ribbed Playground Tunnels

Published - 10th Oct 2022

Playground tunnels add excitement and new ways for children to imagine and explore role play adventures together. Read more

Understanding Child Development

Published - 14th Jun 2022

Learning about the equipment we supply and how it can benefit the children that use it is crucial. There are many variations of what are thought to be important actions, tasks or activities that contribute towards effective child development. Read more

PlayCom are moving into electronics

Published - 14th Jun 2022

We are very excited about this project, and really pleased to have been commissioned to design and manufacture this bespoke electronic rainbow game. Read more

Social media video

Published - 14th Jun 2022

We are all excited that it’s only a matter of days before our website goes live. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to get here but has been really satisfying to see what we have achieved. Read more

Introducing Maze Race Galaxy

Published - 14th Jun 2022

This dual maze game allows children to play against each other or challenge an adult to see who can complete the maze in the fastest time. Mark your score using the sliders across the bottom of the panel and play again. First one to five is the winner. Read more
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