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Understanding Child Development

Learning about the equipment we supply and how it can benefit the children that use it is crucial. There are many variations of what are thought to be important actions, tasks or activities that contribute towards effective child development. Below is a summary of what we believe to be some of the key areas to understand:

The 4 domains of child development

Child development is comprised of four major domains – physical development, cognitive development, social-emotional development, and language development. Although other domains are frequently used, these 4 are widely considered to be the most important basis for child development.

Other areas of child development include,

  • Balance – The ability to maintain a controlled body position during task performance.
  • Running – The ability to run is the key to many games, sports and everyday activities.
  • Jumping – The ability to jump is not a natural movement, and therefore requires practice to master.
  • Kicking – The ability for a child to kick paves the way for better coordination and balance ability.
  • Agility – The ability to be quick, nimble, and graceful.
  • Throwing & Catching – The ability to throw improves hand-eye coordination and bilateral skills.

Sensory Play

This includes activities that stimulate children’s senses through play. They contribute to brain development by stimulating the neurons in the brain to make connections and help with development in all areas of learning. All children will benefit from sensory experiences and allowances should be made for accessibility.

For help with anything sensory play related, please feel free to contact our early years consultant, Anne Rodgers, and for more information about child development, please go to our downloads page

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