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Music Panel 3: Babel

Product Description

Learning to play music has some important benefits in early childhood development; it can help young children hone their fine motor and language skills, boost self-confidence and encourage social interactions, to name but a few.

Amongst the many benefits of learning music in early childhood education, the most important is its direct effect on brain development. Children who are exposed to music early on are more likely to have better reading and communication skills, and language acquisition.

For more information on the relationship of learning music in early development, please see “The Importance of Music” on the download page.

These Musical products have been designed in a sympathetic style and colour, to help blend them into any natural environment. All fully tuned instruments are manufactured using anodised aluminium, or stainless steel, making them completely weather resistant.

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Colours as per image unless specified at the time of order


545mm x 595mm

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