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Product Analysis

After designing and manufacturing HDPE panels and products for nearly 20 years, you’d expect our team to know a thing or two about manufacturing efficiency, and you’d be right! When designing your products, it’s important to know the machinery parameters and how production process works if you want to design the most production efficient products.

Production efficiency = Cost effective

There are a vast and ever-changing number of materials and resources available to product designers in the industry and understanding how to optimise processes can be challenging.

We have helped many companies review new and existing product designs, and suggested alterations that can be made (sometimes very minor) to manufacture their products more efficiently, and therefore make them more cost effective to produce.

With the increasing cost of raw materials, energy bills and transportation, exploring other areas for cost reduction is more important than ever. The businesses that will emerge stronger, are those that examine their products and processes, and strive to improve, streamline, and become more efficient!

Contact us to discuss your HDPE product range to see if there are any improvements that can be implemented to make your products more cost effective to manufacture.